Tuesday, 11 September 2012


I'm seriously neglecting my reading right now. All my focus is on sorting out my blog and making it super awesome :) I do need some more followers though so if you'd please tell your friends & family about me, I'd be eternally grateful. 
Don't threat once I've got my layout sorted I will be adding reviews regularly and will make sure all my old reviews are up here as well.
I hope I can introduce you to new & exciting books.

Peace Out :)


  1. Hey Kristrrn,
    Same happening with me.
    You'll live city of lost souls... It has mixed reviews but I love Jace so ...

    P.s.- I am your new follower.
    happy blogging!!!

  2. Hey Ankita thanks for following, I really can't wait to finish this book but as soon as I turn my laptop on to check my emails I'm straight on my blog! Need to get a life I suppose :)