Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Reckless Magic by Rachel Higginson

Series: Star-Crossed Series (1)
Kindle Edition, March 14 2011, 349 pages
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16 year old Eden Matthews has been in and out of private schools for the last two years. Kingsley is her last chance to finish high school and she is determined to simply do that. But when she meets Kiran Kendrick and her world opens to something she thought only existed in fairy tales, she's unsure what her future will hold. Suddenly she is captivated by a boy who seems to be the source of all of her problems and struggling to rescue her best friend from a foreign prison. When attempts are made on Kiran's life, Eden alone must save him. Thrust into a world that is more make-believe than reality, Eden has to find her own destiny without losing those she loves most. Reckless is an intricate story of mystery, adventure, magic and love. Eden Matthews is an unlikely heroine set on a path to save the world and her loved ones before its too late.

My thoughts

O-M-G! This book was AMAZINGGG!!! Seriously it deserves like 10 stars or something it was just that good. It was a bit slow at first where everyone else but Eden seemed to know what was happening but once she knew what was 'wrong' with her the story really picked up. There where loads of editing errors but I can overlook them when there is an amazing storyline like this. This book was free (think it still is) on Amazon and that's really the only reason I bought it because the blurb really didn't get me interested. But believe me when I say this a must read. The story is soo good I was actually shocked because I'd never heard of the author before and there where a few bad reviews but I'm glad I ignored them and read it. Eden bugged me a bit because she really did need to just pull up her bloomers and give people shit, they where basically just walking all over her throughout the book. Kiran was also annoying as well he was wayy too cocky for my liking I would have just slapped him silly if I was Eden. Anyways everyone should definitely read this as it was fantastic. And after reading the first one you should become so enthralled you'll go on to read the rest in the series. Hum.. Maybe I'll have to re-read this series some time :)

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