Monday, 14 January 2013

Week 2: A Song of Ice and Fire Challenge (chapter 8-14)

8. Bran II  (page 72)
Wow! Don't even know what to say about this chapter, only WTH? My first thought after that murderous, lecherous B******D threw him from the sill, the one I felt most sorry for was his wolf. He didn't even get to name it :(. He couldn't die without naming his wolf, that's just wrong. So okay, I did check to see if there where any more chapters from his POV and horaahh, he didn't die. I know spoiler but I just couldn't have kept reading if Bran was killed so soon. Arghh, how much do I hate Jaime right now! I can't even focus on anything else from this chapter, I'm just in total shock! Not like I've forgot the whole Jaime & Cersei, I quite frankly wish I could forget it. Looks like that image will stick with me for a long time. Well done Mr Martin you've got the shock factor.

9. Tyrion I  (page 82)
A little confused as to what Tyrion's deal is? Is he good? Is he evil? It could go either way with him. At the moment I'm a fan of his, but it seems to me he knows that Jaime and Cersei had something to do with Bran's fall and if he ends up sticking up for them I will not be pleased with him. Also he's got to at least have his suspicions about Jaime & Cersei's 'relationship', he seems like a smart enough guy who notices all the small things so there's no way them two idiots haven't been caught by anybody. I'm really hoping he's just not another Lannister. There could be a great character within him and I hope he's allowed to develop into the 'giant' man he could be.

10. Jon II  (page 88)
So Catelyn's hate towards Jon shows itself yet again. This time, however, she's actually voicing her opinion in front of Jon. I'm really trying to understand Catelyn's actions but I just can't find myself liking her. When she says to Jon "It should have been you" as opposed to Bran lying in a coma, I just wanted to punch her pretty southern face. Yeah, I completely understand why she thinks this, and that she's obviously not in the right frame of mind to deal with her hate. But to actually say it out loud. Dude, that's cruel. It doesn't matter how much I understand her, I still despise her. Jon is still my favourite character so as far as I'm concerned she can go and suck a rock!

11. Daenerys II  (page 94)
Not really got an opinion on this chapter, I mean I already know Viserys is a total turd and I'd get as far away from him as possible if I was Dany. I think this chapter just reinforces my sympathy towards Dany, what girl wouldn't be scared of losing their maidenhood, never mind losing it to a huge, scary man who you don't even share a common language with. I'm trying not to let the whole age issue make me dislike Drogo and I have to say he did seem like an alright dude when it was time to do the deed. I'm glad he's not such an A hole, I would love to see Dany ride off into the sunset with her rather greasy husband. I've got a funny feeling Viserys isn't going to be getting his army any time soon.

12. Eddard II  (page 104)
Okay so kind of got the impression Robert's a jerk! Seriously I'm not surprised Jaime's after his throne, who would want this feeble minded turf ruling over you. What has Robert been doing all these years? Why is he only now worried about the Dany? I can understand why he's not too interested in Viserys, he's a fool even the King can see that but he's had thirteen years to get rid of this family he seems to hate so much. Seriously I'm not liking the fatty!

13. Tyrion II  (page 113)
In this chapter we find out Tyrion is basically obsessed with dragons, I'm sure that's not significant! I find myself liking Tyrion more and more despite the fact he's a Lannister. I love the  fact that he's so obviously flawed, yet has the quickest mind of any other characters. I have to keep reminding myself that Tyrion is, in fact, a dwarf. I love his dry sense of humour, I could see myself being friends with him in another life. 

14. Catelyn III  (page 122)
I just wanted to slap Catelyn silly at the beginning of this chapter, seriously the woman was deranged. I'm not saying I probably wouldn't be the same way but she has got other children to think of. Robb practically pleads with her to help him because he needs her 'Mother, I need you too. I'm trying but I can't . . . I can't do it all by myself'  omg I was nearly crying myself when he said this so how could his mother just ignore his obvious pain, especially as just before he tells her that her three year old son thinks everyone has deserted him. It was so heart breaking. That being said though, how glad am I she acted like a loony. If not for her delaying Bran's assassin, Bran would have been dead before his wolf even reached his room. I'm going to hedge a guess that it was either Cersei or Jaime that sent the hired knife after Bran, but are they seriously that stupid? I wouldn't have thought so but obviously I'm wrong because who else would want Bran dead. So once again I want to congratulate Catelyn on being a bit out of it, she just might have saved Bran's life. 

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