What genre of book do you review?
Mostly I'll read:
-Paranormal Romance
-Urban Fantasy
-Science Fiction
-Contemporary Romance
I will however accept books from other genres if the synopsis interests me. 

Which book format do you use?
I accept:
-eBooks (mobi, PDF)
-Hard Copies
Currently not accepting Audiobooks.

Are all your reviews good?
My reviews are my honest opinion and I will express this. However I will try to give each book a fair review. 

What rating system do you have in place? 
Although I do use the star rating system on Goodreads, I currently don't have this in place on my blog. I was constantly found myself conflicted on how many stars a book should receive. I do however point out which parts of the books I loved/hated and give an overall impression of the book. 

Where do you post your reviews? 
My reviews are currently posted on my blog, Goodreads, Amazon and linked to via Twitter. 

How long does it take for you to review a book? 
Although I do try to publish my reviews as soon as possible, unfortunately this is not always possible as I do have a life outside of my blog (especially around the holidays). If you have a specific time-frame in mind be sure to mention it in an email. 

FTC Disclaimer 
Although most of the books reviewed on BetweenTheLines are paid for, I do receive some books free of charge (NetGalley/Authors). These books however, are given to me in exchange for an honest review. I do not receive any monetary compensation for my reviews and my opinion isn't swayed by receiving these free books.

Email: Btl-Reviewer(AT)Hotmail(.)co(.)uk

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