Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Innocent Hearts by Jess Mountifield (arc)

Kindle Edition, December 22 201141 pages
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When Bronwen's parents die she has to leave her home in the wilderness and try to find the elf city her mother told her about, but with little food and no experience in the wild she risks her life just trying. Liza doesn't fit into the Nepharil society, she can't fly, something her father reminds her of daily. She hasn't given up trying but her time is running out and her father is impatient to have her married and out of his hands. This ebook has two short stories set in the same fantasy world.

My thoughts

This story was short and sweet. And when I say short I mean really, really short. I received this as an ARC copy so it was free, but I would have been a tad annoyed if I had paid for this book to fins out its only 41 pages. There are two different stories which are intertwined with each other, which does make it seem even shorter. If this was made into a full blown novel I could definitely see myself wanting to read it. There is some real potential with these stories although in this short book the stories do seem incomplete even for a short story. Overall disappointing but will read if made into full novel.

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