Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Undead and Unreturnable by MaryJanice Davidson

Series: Undead Series (4)

Kindle Edition, April 1 2010240 pages
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Just when Betsy Taylor think she's adjusted to her after-life as a vampire queen, fate intervenes. It's bad enough having to view your own grave-stone but now Betsy's even started seeing dead people - an assortment of demanding ghosts who are determined to make her do their bidding. Betsy also has some personal stuff to deal with - not least of which is planning her Spring - and Midnight - wedding to Sinclair. Meanwhile her half-sister is starting to display signs of inheriting her real mother's temper. And when your mother's the devil, that's cause for concern.

My thoughts

I'd loved the 3 other books of this series and this book was no disappointment. With as much, if not more, wit and snarky comments as in previous books I fell in love with Betsy all over again. I found this book hilarious and was absolutely hooked from beginning till end. I found it refreshing that in this book there isn't any big bad guys after killing little old Betsy, I was getting rather tired with there always seeming to be some life or death situation. Don't get me wrong there was a 'is she going to die' moment but this time it was due to Betsy actually trying to help people other than herself. Some people have a problem with these books as Betsy is rather conceited, but that's what makes me love them. I was getting a bit sick of all those goody too shoes I'm holier than thou even though I'm a vampire/demon/werewolf story lines. It's nice that an author finally understands that no matter how good people try to be they've always got a selfish side, its just Betsy's is more easily seen. There wasn't really much of a plot to this story but given how many time I laughed out loud I didn't really care. There where laughs all the way through and loads of laugh out loud in crowded places scenes.

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