Monday, 31 December 2012

New Years Resolution....

Okay first I have to apologise again for the lack of reviews, I've just had so much on my plate these past few months. Should be back up and running properly after the new year.

Was just messing around on Goodreads the other day and I noticed that I've read a lot of books by the same authors.
So this year instead of the usual 'don't eat chocolate till after Lent' or 'go jogging at least once a week', I'm now going to read more books by different author's.

Below is a list of my top 10 read author's in descending order:
1. Richelle Mead (14)
2. Rachel Caine (13) 
3. Sara Shepard (11)
4. MaryJanice Davidson (10)
5. Rachel Vincent (7)
6. Lacey Weatherford (6)
7. Cassandra Clare (5)
8. C. C. Hunter (4) 
9. Kiersten White (3)
10. L. Filloon (2)

*This is according to Goodreads, obviously its not accurate as I don't always update which books I've read. But for the most part it seems pretty close to the actual number. Some author's did draw & I didn't want to list them all so just chose my favourite author out of that category.

Will be trying my hardest not to read any books by these author's in the next year. Obviously I'm not going to be successful but I will try to at least broaden my horizons...

  • What are all your New Year Resolutions, will you stick to them? I know I definitely won't, I never do :(
  • Who are you're most read authors?

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